Frequently Asked Questions

A memorable event is made perfect by venue design. Whether you’re looking forward to a wedding, theme party, concert or presentation, there’s a solution for each situation, and every room can be turned beautiful – see pictures for proof!
A lot of details go into planning an event, and design is just one of them. So let us help you make up your mind…These are the questions that we commonly ask our customers:

  • Venue size and number of guests;
  • Date and location – it’s wise to book well in advance!
  • What sort of improvements the place requires;
  • What is the theme and style of your event; what’s the impression you want to make;
  • Preparation and cleanup time; schedules for decorating, sound & light installment, catering, rehearsals etc.
  •  What’s the height of ceiling? Will there be trusses n the ceiling? Will there be video projection? Any light beams that shouldn’t be blocked?
  • Budget constraints;

It might also be helpful to browse through our image search page, where you can specify event type, venue name, decoration elements and even colours.

Once a vision starts to emerge, it’s time to give us a call or write an e-mail!

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